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About SAT

About SAT



Though the format of the test is changing for new SAT, the syllabus is fairly same as the old test. The questions format has changed to test a student more comprehensively than before even though the test is shortened. The redesigned SAT focuses on following topics for testing student

Evidence Based Reading & Writing Sections:

Instead of previous pattern, vocabulary part of SAT now focuses on usage of words in different contexts rather than words themselves. Some questions ask you to figure out a word’s meaning based on context. The words are ones that you will probably encounter in college or in the workplace long after test day. Reading test now questions the student’s ability to comprehend and draw conclusions from a given passage.

The reading & writing sections are redesigned to make the student read, interpret, use the evidence they find to answer the questions. The sources of evidence can be from passages, infographics from the areas such as literature and literary nonfiction, Sciences, history and topics about work and career.

The writing section also focuses on command of evidence. Student may now encounter questions asking them to modify a paragraph or content that are accompanied by infographics. Students need to modify the passage in order to give reader easier understanding of the accompanied graphic.

Math Section:

Focus of Math would be in three main areas

  • Problem solving and data analysis: It includes using ratios, percentages, and proportional reasoning to solve problems in science, social science, and career contexts.
  • Algebra: focuses on the mastery of linear equations and systems, which helps students develop key powers of abstraction.
  • Advanced math: focuses on more complex equations and the manipulation they require.

Essay Section:

The optional essay section of new SAT would now test student not just only their grammatical skill in writing an essay, but it is redesigned to represent the assignments they have to carry out once they are in college. The new writing section asks students to read a passage and explain how the author built his argument in that passage. This question type would remain same for all the tests in an year, but the source of passage would vary from test to test.

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