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About SAT

About SAT



With new pattern of SAT exam comes new scoring method. The single biggest change of scoring method is scraping of negative marking. In old SAT, students are penalized for every wrong answer they made in the test. Each wrong answer would score a 0.25 negative, meaning 4 wrong answers would have neutralized score of one  right answer.

The newer scoring scale ranges between 400 and 1600. The newer scoring scale is much easier as the negative marking is eliminated from the score. The scale is  ranging from 200 to 800 for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing & 200 to 800 for Math;

Two scorers, score each of three aspects of the essay:

Reading: 1-4

Analysis: 1-4

Writing: 1-4

So the overall essay score would note all three different parameter with each one aspect ranging from 2-8. This score is reported at a later date.

An SAT score is valid for five years. But most students take SAT just before applying for various colleges.

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