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About SAT

About SAT



In 2016, the SAT test is getting a complete overhaul. Current SAT test would be available until march of 2016. Any later applicants would be attempting the newer test. There are many changes in the pattern and new format Essay writing is optional.


Comparison of New SAT With Old SAT



Component Time Allotted Number of Questions Component Time Allotted Number of Questions
Reading 65 52 Critical Reading 70 67
Writing and Language 35 44 Writing 60 49
Essay (optional) 50 1 Essay 25 1
Mathematics 80 58 Mathematics 70 54
Total 180 (230 with Essay) 154 (155 with Essay) Total 225 171

The following table would indicate the change in test of skill set of student

Skills tested by Old and New SAT OLD

  1. Emphasis on general reasoning skills
  2. Emphasis on vocabulary, often in limited contexts
  3. Negative scoring for wrong answers

  1. Focus on the knowledge, skills, and understandings that  are important for college and career readiness
  2. Greater emphasis on the meaning of words in extended contexts and on how word choice shapes meaning, tone, and impact
  3. no penalty for guessing and getting answer wrong.
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