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SAT® In-Person program

The SAT In-Person program is a traditional method of training students in a classroom. Kaplan certified Trainers at LogIQuest would deliver lectures to the students, answering their questions and clearing doubts in lively discussions. Each discussion is followed by a home assignment and pre work for the next discussion. Also to aid students in the quest for a higher score, we provide original content from Kaplan, which is held in high regard by both professionals and peers alike.

Advantage of SAT In-Person program:

  • Apt guidance and continuous follow up on the progress of each student
  • Expert faculty provides useful inputs at each step of preparation.
  • The faculty track the progress of students with each successive mock test and make  valuable suggestions on how to approach the exam more strategically.
  • Small classroom size meaning each student receives due attention.
  • Our helpful faculty is available to clear doubts after the sessions, offline and online.
  • Kaplan Online Resources gives students access to Video Lectures for a later viewing and revising what they studied in class.

SAT In-Person programs give students access to following resources

  • Kaplan Study material
  • Online video lectures
  • Mobile app for on the go learning
  • Online resources which provide, in depth practice content
  • 6 full length mock tests
  • One on One doubt clarifications sessions at the centre

In-Person programs are conveniently timed on weekends as well as weekdays. For more details, batch schedules and fees go to centre locator.

In-Person program for SAT offers Score higher guaranteed or Money Back.

SAT® is a registered trademark of the College Board which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.